Friday, October 17, 2008

Fall Friday

Oh, I was a busy little bee this morning! Shopping days are always busy, and it was a gorgeous morning to get out and about--cold, but gorgeous.

Our Farmer's Market is quite small, especially now that the weather is getting cold. There were only three produce booths today.

The Thousand Islands Winery booth has returned every week since spring--complete with free tastings! I would have been tempted today if there had been a warm mulled wine available.

Here are more pictures from my other errands--it's just so pretty this time of year!


graywolff said...

FALL------------------what I miss most about "up North"-----------altho I redeiscovered SPRING this year-- not too shabby either.

Amanda said...

Hi, Graywolff. Fall is such a beautiful time of year--but what the pictures don't show are the 30 degree temperatures we're enjoying every morning & evening! The days have been only in the high 50s-low 60s lately, so it's definitely getting cooler. The furnace comes on at night! *eek*

Spring, too, is so pretty. Here it begins very muddy & yucky, but once that passes it is gorgeous to see the trees bloom again.

Sam said...

We've been having some great weather recently too, it's nicer now than it was in the middle of summer!

Amanda said...

Wow, really, Sam? It's warm then? It's actually been getting rather chilly--I've got the furnace going now! But I don't mind too much. It's time for some hibernating weather.

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