Monday, October 6, 2008


The Chick-O-Stick is a sweetened peanut butter stick candy that's lightly dusted with toasted coconut. Many Americans will recall enjoying this sweet treat as a kid--it's been around since the Great Depression!

Not for me, though. It was never available in my little town when I was a kid. I tried it as an adult, after seeing it featured on the Food Network several years ago and then noticed it on a road trip at a highway truck stop.

It's sweet and crunchy, and very much like a butterfinger, only without the chocolate and traditional candy-bar shape. It also has a dusting of toasted coconut, which gives a very slight coconutty aroma.

One taste and there was no going back.

Since that very first time, Chick-O-Stick has been a favorite... a sweet, rare indulgence. The essence of all that is crunchy, it's also a frugal treat--only 10 cents!

Nowadays I can get these in my hometown at any drug store. I usually don't succumb, but I did this time. Gladly, and guiltlessly.

What are some of your favorites? Is it something you enjoyed as a child, or a recent find?


Mary said...

I happen to love bit-o-honey candy bars. I also love those peanut butter taffy candies, that are only available at Halloween. Both of these candies are ridiculously hard to find.

Tue said...

I have *never* encountered this, to my knowledge...only 10 cents? Huh.

Amanda said...

Mary--I LOOOOOVE bit-o-honey! Well, I did, back in the day. Can't say that I've tried peanut butter taffy, though.

Tue (Kathy?)--oh, you're missing out, you're missing out! They were all over Atlanta in gas stations... look for them at 7/11 types and Walgreens or Eckerd, if you have those in CA.

You know what other kinds of candy I like? (And try to avoid as much as possible these days, but you know, occasionally...)

- Lindt Truffle Balls - any flavor
- Lindt chile-chocolate bars--OMG!
- Cow Tales!!

graywolff said...

Necco wafers

Amanda said...

Greywolff I must say that I've never had the pleasure of fizzies! They do sound good, though!

(Fizzies website is here:

Tue said...

Yes, it's Kathy here, you have uncovered my secret identity (heh). I also love those Lindt balls and Cow Tales!

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