Friday, September 19, 2008

96 More Days Until Christmas

Are you thinking about the holidays?

Gah! I know... although I'm not quite ready to accept that Christmas is coming soon (and with that, snow), I've started some knitting projects for gifts. It's something I like to do every autumn... start the scarves, wraps and hats.

But Thanksgiving is a mere 69 days away, and I know I'm starting to think about a menu!

What are you doing now to prepare for the holidays you celebrate in the coming months?


Mary said...

96 more days? Hello anxiety!
I haven't even thought about Christmas. I guess I should. Thanksgiving is easy because I'm not allowed to cook it. My mother in law lives 3 miles away and she cooks it every year.

Amanda said...

Hehe... sorry, Mary! I didn't mean to cause anxiety!

I love cooking Thanksgiving, although it is a lot of work. When we lived near my husband's people in GA they had a family Tgiving every year and I wasn't allowed to contribute. That was a real drag--I used to cook a mini-Tgiving at my house anyway.

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