Thursday, May 15, 2008

The Cooking Blahs

Do you ever walk into the kitchen and think, "Ugh, not again!"

I do. This week is a tough one for me. And there's no good reason--no trauma or tragedy, and nothing that has usurped my time any more than usual. I'm just not thrilled about the idea of cooking lately.

This happens periodically. And it doesn't mean that I'm not inspired by other meals, magazines and shows.

For example. I've been watching a lot of Top Chef lately. Last night I dreamed about a shrimp dish with a spicy peanut sauce over a bed of whole wheat noodles, with some bean sprouts and sugar snap peas.

(Sounds good, doesn't it?)

I don't even remember seeing that on Top Chef... so my brain must have been in create mode. But now, awake, I just don't feel like cooking. I'd rather eat a piece of fruit or grab a sugar free cookie than cook a meal.

So sad.

What do you do when this happens?


Mary said...

Usually, when that happens to me, I end up eating a lot of spaghetti. It's a no-brainer type of meal.

Kathy said...

Those are the nights when we make a fruit salad, or have cheese & crackers and some raw veggies with dip, or something equally simple yet nourishing. Usually the urge to get cooking returns in a few days!

chemcookit said...

Hey Amanda, I agree with Kathy. Just follow what your body/mind feels like! I'm sure your husband won't mind a sandwich or a cracker and dip evening every once in a while. I think it can actually be fun. And the cooking inspiration will catch up with you again. :)

In the meanwhile, why don't you answer to the questions that I just tagged you for? :) They're not cooking-related :)

Amanda said...

Kathy & Marta--I'm ashamed to admit that solution has never, ever occurred to me. Fruit salad, some crackers & cheese... so simple, and obvious. Yet I somehow missed it. Shame is creeping all over me.

Plus I'm a terrible, terrible wife. ;) When I don't feel like cooking, it's basically "fend for yourself" around here. My poor husband... he forages around the refrigerator among boxes of soy milk and veggie packages looking for something his delicate tastebuds are willing to consume...

I do have to admit something, though. I bought a frivolous kitchen gadget that has saved the poor man this time. I'll have to do a real blog post about this but I'll share here in the meantime--it's a Paula Deen toaster-egg cooker combo. It'll poach or hard-boil an egg, heat a piece of meat or veg and toast bread/bagel/english muffin all at the same time. Then it's easy to throw it all together as a breakfast sandwich. We've basically been surviving on just these sandwiches.

Of course I bought multigrain english muffins. It makes it a little less guilt-inducing.

But I feel the cooking urge starting to return. Just sharing it on this blog is helpful to get over it!

Marta I will go find your questions...

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