Tuesday, May 6, 2008

6 Random Things

Marta of An Italian in the US has tagged me for a meme... so here we go:

(1) I believe that a woman should never, ever, EVER wear flip-flops or sandals until she's had a pedicure. Sadly, most woman don't know about that rule in the city where I live. Hooves are not pretty, people. Get your dogs groomed before taking them for a walk.

(2) I saw Iron Man for the second time last night. The first time was Friday--opening day. This movie is definitely going into the collection when it comes out on dvd.

(3) Today my brother and I are taking our mother out for a quiet Mother's Day lunch.

(4) My friend K once called me a 'fount of knowledge.' That's because I seem to recall loads of random information that is seemingly useless, but tends to come in handy now and then.

(5) I am a coordinated bargain shopper. I don't go shopping willy-nilly--no, I like to find deals. I combine my shopping trips and tend to do the bulk of my grocery-buying on the same day, starting with the farthest store and working my way back towards home. I bring a cooler bag to keep cold items cold. Meat is purchased last.

(6) I recently discovered sugar-free salt water taffy. Yay!

I'll leave this tag open for whomever would like to participate.


chemcookit said...

Hey Amanda! I'm particularly impressed by your shopping organization! It's so cool, and so 'womanly' - guys would never be so 'coordinated', like you put it :)

Amanda said...

Why thank you, Marta! I consider it sort of a game--to review all of the sale flyers and make my lists by store, then further by category (produce, dry goods, paper products, etc). I even make my (very loosely-structured) menu plan based on what's on sale. It makes the mundane fun, and allows me to maximize my grocery budget.

It took me about 7 years to train my husband to NEVER EVER buy anything more than what is on the list if he is sent to the store. If he sees something on sale, he is to phone me from the market. Otherwise it comes out of his personal money and not my grocery funds.

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