Friday, April 18, 2008


I'd love to hear what everyone is serving for their Passover Seder meal. I am assisting with a Seder this year, and it is certainly a new experience for me.

Anyway, Happy Passover to my friends who celebrate it!


Vanessa said...

Stopping in after a long time of not visiting and posting, both of which I am catching up on! :-)

We were part of a Passover celebration several years ago; it was a great experience.

I removed Yahweh's Retreat from Blogland; it's now private for my preservation of family history only.

But my New Beginnings blog is available, along with my kitchen/cooking blog, The Brownie Lady. Stop by for a visit sometime; we can cook together! :-)


Mrs. W said...

Vanessa, you're back. I'll admit that I'm behind on my blog-reading myself--I do have your new place on my feed, but have now added Brownie Lady, as well!

Sam said...

When exactly is Passover? here in England it is always around Easter, so we had a meal a few weeks ago.


Amanda said...

Hi, Sam. Actually Passover this year is 19 - 27 April, and the dates are the same worldwide. It's just that many Christians celebrate Passover as Holy Thursday as it appears in the New Testament.

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