Tuesday, March 18, 2008

$50 at Williams-Sonoma

Kate over at The Clean Plate Club is having a giveaway--a $50 Williams-Sonoma Gift Card! I'd say that's pretty darned exciting!

A couple of weeks ago my sister-in-law and I went to Williams-Sonoma to browse. We do that every once in a while for fun. When we saw packs of dish towels marked down to $3.79, I snatched up a package with bright yellow stripes--so springy!

When I checked out, the cashier asked, "Is this all you'll be buying today?"

Well, uh, yeah.

BUT, if I had a $50 gift card, I'd do more shopping... maybe some good balsamic vinegar and orange olive oil. Or maybe some himilayan pink salt. Then again, I do need some sheet pans....

Hey, a girl can dream, can't she?


Mary said...

I dream of a Williams Sonoma anywhere close by. I bought my bright orange Kitchen Aid at the one in Ann Arbor.

Mrs. W said...

Sweet, and orange kitchenaid! Mine is generic white, but I love it--because my darling hubby bought it for me as a gift (and a surprise) one year for Christmas. I was so pleased that he knew me that well.

Actually, the closest W-S to me is an hour's drive away. Yeppers, we hafta go to the big city for that.

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