Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Winter's Last Hurrah

Well, let's hope it's the last.

It's been snowing since yesterday at 6am. Here are photos from my kitchen windown into the backyard, starting yesterday morning through this morning, and if you pay attention to the deck railing on the right, you'll see the snow piling up.

You can't really tell from these photos... but it was snowing when I took each. In fact it snowed constantly for more than 24 hours.
Fortunately, it was often a light snow, so we had probably only a total of 8-10 inches. Schools are closed today and although the sun is peeking out a bit, it's getting colder. We're due for below-zero (degrees Fahrenheit) temperatures tonight, with single-digits tomorrow.
Brr! (Are you tired of my whining yet?)
While Mr.W still has to go to work, the dogs, the cat and I are hunkered down inside. This kind of weather calls for lots of cuddly naps. Thundercat is a great nap partner--she cuddles up sweetly in the crook behind my knees. The heat that rolls off that little cat could power a small city!
Yesterday I made a batch of yummy Lentil Soup--but with green lentils instead of pink ones. We gobbled it up in record time!
I also have a lovely cube steak, rice and gravy recipe to share with you. It's a real southern specialty that Mr.W loves! I'll be sharing that soon.
Meanwhile, I also have to find something to do with a bunch of swiss chard I have in the fridge. I'm leaning toward a simple saute, perhaps with a poached egg on top. Though there are plenty of ways to use this beautiful green, sometimes simple is just right. Don't you agree?


Ann said...

Love your snow photos! And swiss chard with a poached egg on top sounds wonderful!

Mrs. W said...

Thanks, Ann. I will admit that it's beautiful outside. It looks like Christmas!

Lulu said...

Wow. I didn't know that schools closed in the northern states due to snow.

Mrs. W said...

Yes, they do--but you have to be expecting a foot or so, or the buses somehow are unable to make their routes. It can be below zero but if the roads are clear, the kids go. But if there's some snow/ice storm that make the roads difficult, they cancel. That usually amounts to about 3 snow days per year.

katiez said...

Very pretty snow! After 2 weeks in Minnesota I am quite happy to look at your pictures and not personally experience it again....

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