Thursday, February 7, 2008

Out, I tell you!

I think I've got spring fever. Only it's not spring yet. Maybe this is called the winter blahs.

Perhaps just having a bit of a thaw, seeing the ground peeking out from under that snow, experiencing some temperatures above 32*F and emerging from the long blanket of winter, if even for a few days, has thrust me into this... this... almost uncontrollable urge to get outside.

I don't want to be in the house. I want to go out. Out, I tell you!

And it doesn't matter to do what. My friend, M, called me yesterday and asked if I wanted to go to the grocery store with her. I jumped at the chance, even though I need no groceries. Because I wanted to be out. Then Mr.W came home from work and said he needed to go to Walmart, and would I like to go with. Heck, yeah! I had my coat on in two shakes of a lamb's tail!

Even today I feel like a rat trapped in a cage. But it's snowing again and I didn't keep the vehicle, so trapped I am.

I guess I'll go cook something.

I am SO ready for winter to be over.

(Stay tuned... I have a lovely new soup recipe to share a bit later today!)


Mrs Mecomber said...

Oh how I sympathize! I have been hit hard with the winter blahs, too. I'm spending long periods of time going over my garden photos and garden and flower websites... *sigh* It will be great to see sunshine and flowers sometime.

Mrs. W said...

Thanks, Mrs.M. This new snow has made it seem even worse. I'm really hating the weather right now.

That said, as a friend reminded me yesterday, we know that spring will come... eventually. And it did occur to me that if I'm going to start some vegetable seeds I ought to do it soon so they're ready to plant after the last frost.

So I suppose that's something, isn't it?

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