Friday, February 29, 2008

Happy Leap Day!

It's leap day!

It comes around every four years. Like the time around a new year, this is an opportunity for a personal evaluation, and look toward your future goals.

Last leap day was in 2004; at that time I was busily working at the CDC in Atlanta and commuting an hour each way from my home in the suburbs. While exciting, it was quite a whirlwind of work, work, work! I have no clue what I was doing on the day itself. But that year was a good one:

- I visited South Africa's western region.

- Of course every leap year here in the US means a presidential election: I remember standing in line at the election polls in the suburb where I lived starting at 5am so that I would be able to vote in a reasonable amount of time. There were 30 or more other people in line at that ungodly hour!

- I was not cooking that much at home--the amount of time I spent at home was limited, and usually characterized by: exhaustion, sleeping, cleaning or getting ready for work.

- I believe it was 2004 when the restaurant, Jim & Nick's, opened in my GA town. J&N's is a bbq place and a delicious one at that! My favorite meal was the 'Pig in a Potato Patch.' It's the most enormous baked potato you've ever seen, topped with butter, sour cream, cheese, bacon, shredded bbq pork and sauce, of course. Here is a photo:

What a delicious monstrocity!

What were you doing last leap day?


Kathy said...

Wow, you just made me realize that last leap day I was in the midst of a frantic 3 weeks in GA getting ready to leave our workplace and move to DC. Wow. Yes, that was a good year though - particularly when we were able to take a few extra days in S. Africa for sightseeing! Ah, good times. :)

Mrs. W said...

I didn't realize it had only been 4 years for you since leaving GA! Seems like forever...

Lulu said...

Last leap day? Hmm...I can't even remember what I was doing last week!

That's some potato. Where is J&N's?

Mrs. W said...

That potato was probably the tastiest (and most filling) potato I've ever had in my life! Soooo good.

J&N's is on Hwy 278 in Hiram. You can take I-20 westbound to the Thornton Rd exit, then take 278 westbound and keep going. You'll think you've gone too far, but you haven't! J&N's is on the right side of the street, across from Target. If you get to the Walmart on the left, you've gone too far.

katiez said...

Last Leap Day we had just sold our house in Andorra (on the 28th), it was snowing hard and we had to drive up into the mountains to stay with a friend until we could move into our house in France in April.... We were homeless!

Mrs. W said...

Katiez... except for the homeless factor, it sounds so picturesque! Snow in the Pyrenees... lovely!

I imagine that Andorra is home of some fantastic food! Is it the best of France and Spain?

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