Friday, January 18, 2008


Here are some pretty shots from my little corner of Central New York. We're having a bit of a snowy spell, but the afternoons get nice and sunny to warm things a bit.

Also, I'd like to let my regular readers know that I will be staying at a friend's home all next week to babysit their son while they visit family out of state. I'm really looking forward to a fun week with my young charge! However the family does not have an internet connection so my posts next week may be sparse.


Lulu said...

What? No internet connection?! How are we, er you, possibly going to make it?? We'll miss you!

Mrs. W said...

I know... these folks are very bare-bones. No cable, no internet. But their son knows how to entertain himself without those things, and prefers to play outside. So there's something to be said for that.

Meanwhile, I'm in withdrawal bigtime. Although I cook and read for pleasure while there, I do miss getting online and reading everyone's lovely blogs...

I'm home for exactly 1 hour and here I am on the internet instead of doing that pile of dishes Mr.W left me... oh, well.

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