Monday, November 12, 2007

Veteran's Day

Today is a federal holiday here in the United States, and it is a doubly-blah day here in Central New York: cold, dark, overcast.

As I'm still surviving on my Lentil Soup, and Mr.W isn't due back until next week, it's a bit quiet around the homefront. I went to Wally's World today for a bit of a distraction and decided to buy some craft stuff for making holiday wreaths.

This is an opportunity to earn a little holiday cashola, you see.

I spent $13 on stuff to make two Christmas wreaths, one that I will send to work with Mr.W for his cubicle, and the other I will send to work with a friend's husband. And all of those ladies at their offices will ooh and aah and say, "Where did you get that?"

At which point they will give out my email address. Voila! Two birds with one stone: funding my crafting fix and making a small profit for my own Christmas must-haves.

Obviously this post is full of nonsensical ramblings. But I'm not cooking today, and didn't cook yesterday. In fact, I was invited to a friend's house for a mid-afternoon meal of burnt offerings (bar-b-qued meat) and salad, with leftovers to bring home. So I didn't have to cook yesterday, either. Tomorrow is a different story--the ladies are coming for lunch, and there will be a quiche to prepare and post about tomorrow.

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