Tuesday, October 9, 2007

A Nice Day

Yesterday was Columbus Day. In honor of Mr. Columbus' discovery of the New World, the U.S. designates the first Monday in October a federal holiday. As such, Mr.W was off from work, and we were able to take the opportunity to get away from our little city for the day.

The fall color is really starting to come in. It was raining or drizzling most of the day, so it was rather wet and chilly, but it didn't detract from nature's beauty.

We arrived at around 9:00am in Little Falls to look at the tiny rapids. It's nestled in a small nook in the rocks along New York's Mohawk River.

This little park is next to the river, where people can dock their boats. Alongside is a 2-mile walking trail, which was the river's original towpath, from back when packet-boats were pulled along the water trail by horse or mule cart. So it was very nice at the waterside. That is, until we turned around.

Directly across the street from the pretty little waterside park is this dilapidated building. I can only speculate as to how much money would be required to restore this to its former splendor. Even the bridge we were standing on had caution signs, warning people not to park on the bridge. Barrels and rusty chains kept pedestrians safely away from the handrail, which appeared to be separating from the bridge itself and precariously leaning over a 50-foot drop.

It seems, though, that Little Falls is attempting a facelift, but they have a long way to go. Criss-crossing bridges and roads mar the view significantly, and dilapidated bulidings are everywhere. One tiny fashionable strip mall recalling a more genteel time along with the nicest McDonald's I've ever seen are the best Little Falls has to offer.

So we ate breakfast at McDonald's and left Little Falls with nary a backward glance.

We drove into Herkimer, NY for some antiquing at one of my favorite junk shops--The Valley Exchange. Mr.W rifled through the book section, and even found a Barry Manilow LP that he insisted he wanted.

"But we don't have a record player."

"But he writes the songs that make the young girls cry!"

Who can argue with that logic?

We bought a few things and headed into Ilion to meet up with some friends; the group of us drove back into Herkimer for a lovely lunch at one of my favorite hideaways: Brian's Roast Beef Deli.

Brian's is a veritable hole in the wall--but the food is fantastic. Ignore the dark burgundy velvet-flecked wallpaper and dark panelling. Order the steak or fish special. Or a sandwich. It's ALL good. I had the covered sausage and peppers sandwich--sans bread. Yum. And sweet potato fries. Double yum.

On the way back, we stopped at my favorite farmer's stand for another peek at what yummy items they have for sale. I indulged in some butter & sugar corn and a butternut squash. They'll be closing in a couple of weeks until spring, so I need to get what I can get now!

The day continued at our local Barnes & Noble... coffee & some light reading... then home to crash with a mug of hot escarole soup in front of the tv, just in time for Prison Break and Heroes. Aah, it's good to be home after all.


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