Tuesday, September 4, 2007

Patty Pan Squash

Well, I discovered that the mystery white squash is called Patty Pan Squash. Although I found a few recipes online, I decided to use it simply, as a side vegetable with pork chops. After all, isn't that the best way to determine the actual flavor of a new food? Only from that point can you determine how to create with it.

I simply washed and sliced it, skin on. The seeds are confined to the center, so I just scooped out any small bits that were attached to the slices, even though the seeds are edible.

So I pan-fried some thin-sliced pork chops, and after they were done, I sauteed my sliced patty pan squash (skin-on) in the pork drippings (with a touch of added olive oil) with a bit of salt and pepper, and finished with a pat of butter.

Mr.W walked in whilst I was doing all of this and skeptically inquired, "What is that?" He was clearly afraid I would ask him to eat the colorless fruit with that certain zombie quality. I gave him a tiny, tiny piece to try, eaten carefully and with wrinkled nose. I see this is going to be another of those items I sneak into his diet hidden in other foods.

Which, as a matter of fact, I have become quite good at. I hide baba ganoush in ground beef made into patties or meatballs. I hide baby spinach, sliced in a chiffonade in any soup, stew, chili or spaghetti sauce. I hide roasted vegetable purees in casseroles and italian dishes. It gets a few more vitamins into Mr.W. Perhaps this is how God is preparing me for picky children.

Back to the patty pan squash. It is quite good--though I do not recommend leaving the peel on. It gave a bitter quality to the food, but when I nibbled around the peel the flesh was excellent. Very smooth, delicate taste and texture, with a sweet note. It held its shape well, though the cooked squash would yield well in a mash or puree.

So I recommend it highly. It's quite delicious! Now I can begin to devise new ways to use this interesting fruit!

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