Sunday, March 4, 2007

Welcome to Mrs. W's Kitchen

I suppose it's that I'm behind the times that I'm only now discovering the wonderful world of blogging. Perhaps it's that I've finally found some free time after all these years.

I hope to use this forum to share some of my culinary experiments with the world at large. Well, those that find me, anyway.

And to you, welcome.

So who is Mrs. W? I'm a housewife. Finally. I spent many years in the busy, hectic, commuting working world. I moved, and traveled, and never had any free time. I took work home, I worked on airplanes and on vacation. Wait--I didn't have time for vacations. But I did bring work with me on those required guilt-trips to visit family back home.

It's good to be free of that stress.

My husband and I made a lifestyle decision to down-size. So we moved to a smaller town, and he to a smaller job, and us to a smaller house, and down to one car. Truck, really.

It's different, and wonderful, and scary.

And now I have time to indulge all of those kitchen fantasies I've had over the years. These I will share with you. I hope you'll comment, advise and share with me the fruit of your wisdom.

I've already begun what I'm calling my Adventures in African Cooking series. I will post what I've done so far, but I'm sorry to say I did not document my progress thus far with photos. I'll be better about that in the future.

Meanwhile, be well.

Mrs. W

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