Wednesday, October 14, 2009


My life is all upside-down. I hate to drag you through it.

No more baby project--that is soundly over, and in many ways I'm relieved. I can put it behind me at last.

Now, an oh-my-God-I'm-turning-40-in-<2 years meltdown is underway. My focus has shifted from fabulous meals to going to the gym, sweating through cardio and weight-lifting workouts. When control seems impossible in so many areas of life, I grab it where I can. For me, that's getting control of my body shape, core strength and overall health.

I've been hiding under a rock--for that I do apologize. I missed identifying some biggies, too--Canadian Thanksgiving and Columbus Day! Here in Central NY state we're in rapid temperature decline towards winter. Yeah, it's getting COLD! The news reports a frost and possible snow this week! *eek* I'm not ready for that.

For today, I have a giant hubbard squash--18 pounds--to attack. I'm thinking soup, perhaps pumpkin curry . But first I have to cook it.

Hubbard is the king of squash. It's sweet with creamy flesh similar to pumpkin, only better. In fact, most canned solid-pack pumpkin available today is actually hubbard! It's got a verrrrry hard exterior shell. I have learned to simply throw it in the oven whole, at 250*F, until it softens enough to cut into it. Of course that also complicates matters--it cooks, it cools, then you cut, remove the strings and seeds, then cook some more.

So that's on my agenda for today. What have you been doing?


graywolff said...

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We did----------4 times.

4 Times blessed.

Amanda said...

Hi, Graywolff! I admire anyone who adopts a child... and it's an option that I would definitely be interested in pursuing.

Grace said...

i've never summoned the courage (or the stomach room) to tackle the hubbard squash. what a behemoth!
and good for you for endeavoring to take control of your health. bravo.

Barbara said...

My mother used to cook hubbard squash all the time. Sometimes it was a dry squash (a good thing) which you could whip like potatoes- sooo good. Other times it was a wet squash which I never liked, even though we cooked it and cooked it trying to get the water out. How to tell which is which when you buy them is a puzzle to me, so I never cook them anymore.

Good for you for coming out from under that rock and turning your life outward instead of in!

Amanda said...

Hehe, Grace. It is a bohemoth! But hubbard squash freezes exceptionally well, so I would encourage you to give it a try anyway. Soooo good!

Barbara--good point on the wet squash. I have not had that issue with hubbard just yet, but know what you mean from pumpkins. Some are just more wet than others!

Thank you both for your comments.

SarahKate said...

That hubbard squash looks like it might be more work than any baby! Best of luck with the squash...and everything else!

Amanda said...

Lol, good point, SarahKate! Thank you.

Sam said...

That's one heck of a squash! I wish we could buy them like that here.

As it happens I cooked some squash today, a little one called a harlequin squash. They might be small but they taste great!

graywolff said...

we miss your daily posts.
hope you are well.

Amanda said...

Hi... sorry for the delay in my reply; I'm definitely not in my routine... still.

Sam--what did you do with the squash?

Graywolff--thank you. I hope I'll be back soon... can't promise anything though, I'm afraid. :((

Sam said...

Hi Amanda, I hope you're ok, I haven't heard from you for a while!

Oh with the squash I choped it up, drizzled it with oil and roasted it until it was soft. Simple but delicious!

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Coffee and Vanilla said...

I have never seen squash like this before... looks impressive! :)

Just today I'm catching up with all recipes from Christmas... we had lots of leftover turkey pies for the last few days.

Happy New Year Amanda!


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Hi Amanda. Haven't heard from you... how are you? Is all OK?

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